Brandy Cove

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Brandy Cove

Brandy Cove

  • Car park – No (20 min walk)
  • Boat Launching – No
  • Public Transport – No
  • Wheelchair access – No
  • Toilets – No
  • Shops/refreshments – No
  • Lifeguard (May-Sept) – No
  • Dogs – Allowed all year
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What’s it like?

Brandy Cove is a small but secluded beach, an ideal place to get away from the crowds in summer, and just a 15 minute drive from Parc-Le-Breos B&B. At high tide the sea meets the shingle at the top of the bay leaving no sand, but at all other states of tide the beach is a great sheltered sunbathing spot. The name Brandy Cove is thought to have clung on from the days when smuggling was a big industry in the area - there are tales of secret passages from the beach to a nearby farmhouse. Also worth looking out for while exploring the cove is a good example of Pleistocene raised beach - you can find these pebbly deposits on many of Gower's beaches - they remain from a time when sea levels were approximately 30 feet above their present levels. Walking east from here on the coastal path will take you to Caswell (10 mins), while walking west will take you to Pwll Du (15mins).

Beware if you visit here at night, as local folk law has it that the caves near the back of the beach are inhabited by a witch! This story may be based in truth and relate to an old lady who made the caves her home many years ago. Another story relates to a murder that took place here in the winter of 1919 - villagers claim to have heard screams emerging from the same caves!

To get to Brandy Cove you need to park at Pyle corner in the village of Bishopston. (Pyle corner is the sweeping 90 degree corner between half way between the Valley pub and the Caswell turning. You will also see Bishopston post office and shop just off the corner.) Park on the street here and walk south down Brandy Cove Road - 15 to 20 minutes will take you down the tarmac lane  and a short footpath to the beach.


A good safe bathing beach.


The beach can be a good spot for dabs, sometimes plaice further out, and bass in the surf. The headlands afford deep water and sandy patches within casting distance - expect bass, mackerel, wrasse, gurnards, dogfish, and plaice out here.


Not a surf beach.

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