Oxwich Bay

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Oxwich Bay

Oxwich Bay

  • Car park – Yes
  • Boat Launching – Yes
  • Public Transport – Yes
  • Wheelchair access – Yes
  • Toilets – Yes
  • Shops/refreshments – Yes
  • Lifeguard (May-Sept) – No
  • Dogs – Allowed all year
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What’s it like?

Oxwich Bay in Gower is a spectacular stretch of gently shelving golden sand. The shelter provided by the curving arm of Oxwich Point makes the bay one of the most popular places on the peninsula for water sports and sunbathing. There is a car park (10 minute drive from Parc-Le-Breos B&B)and slip way directly above the beach, along with shops and the Oxwich Bay Hotel for good food. The beach can get crowded adjacent to the car park, but you won’t have to walk far to find a quieter spot. At the back of the beach is the Oxwich nature reserve, characterised by extensive sand dune systems and fresh water marshes. To the west you can walk out past the church to the beautifully wooded Oxwich point.

The beach also has a rich wartime legacy - half way out Oxwich point and easily visible at low tide is the wreck of the Norwegian oil tanker the Solar. On the 27th of January 1942, Solar was traveling in a convoy of 47 ships. She was carrying 7,500 tons of crude oil, 37 crates of wooden gliders and 44 crew. At approximately 12pm on the approach to St George's Channel she was hit by a torpedo from U-boat U-825, damaging her stern section and killing 4 of her crew. The ship's cargo was unloaded and she was towed into the Bristol Channel but had to be beached at Oxwich on account of her breaking into two. The bow section was subsequently refloated and towed into Britton Ferry for dismantling, while the mid section remains visible in the bay. The stern was dismantled in 1952 for scrap. Oxwich was also used extensively for exercises in wartime, resulting in massive damage to the sand dune system. An intensive program of restoration successfully restored the dunes to their current condition.

One final claim to fame is that Oxwich was the site of the first aeroplane flight in Wales, accomplished by Mr E. Sutton in his Bleriot Monoplane in 1911.


Oxwich beach is a  haven for water sports with a number of companies offering tuition and hire from the beach front. Boat launching is from the main car park and a drive across the beach, but be careful of soft sand if you are using an ordinary car. The sheltered bay is great for water-skiing and learning all sorts of other water sports. Bathing is very safe here.


Oxwich bay offers plenty of choice for fishermen. The beach is good for flat fish (and even bass as the tide rises over the sand), while the point offers just about all the different types of mark you could wish for, including the wreck of the Solar which lies about a third of the way out from the point and is visible at low tide. The rocks of the point drop out into the sand of the channel quite quickly, so an easy cast will put you out into deep water with a sandy bottom in many places. Expect to find flatfish, dogfish, bass, gurnards, pouting. Spinning should find you mackerel and garfish while using a float and soft crab may find you some luck with bass pollock and wrasse. At its end, the rocks of the point reach out into the bay as a rocky shelf - Here and on the Port Eynon side of the head you will find further wrecks which, along with the rocky gullies, are good for conger eels.


This long, sandy, southeast facing beach needs a massive swell (6-8ft at Llangenith) to work properly, but when it does it is absolutely world class. Best at mid to high tide when you can get some beautiful hollow waves. Northwesterly’s are offshore, but there is good shelter offered by the headland when winds are from the West and South West. The further east from the headland you travel the more exposed to swell and wind the beach becomes. When Oxwich works it can become quite crowded on account of all of the other breaks usually being maxed out and because word will spread like wildfire! Don’t worry though, it’s a big bay with plenty of peaks to accommodate everyone.

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Surf Forecast

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