Pobbles Bay

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Pobbles Bay

Pobbles Bay

  • Car park – No
  • Boat Launching – No
  • Public Transport – No
  • Wheelchair access – No
  • Toilets – No
  • Shops/refreshments – No
  • Lifeguard (May-Sept) – No
  • Dogs – Allowed all year

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What’s it like?

A beautiful sandy beach on the east side of Three Cliffs Bay. You can walk here in around 20 minutes from Pennard cliffs and the coffee shops at Southgate (less than 10 minutes drive from Parc-Le-Breos)- the walk is easy in the most part, skirting the edge of Pennard Golf Course and enjoying spectacular views with a bit of a scramble for the last little bit down a steep portion of path and over the shingle bank. You can also walk here from Parkmill, following Three Cliffs valley however you can only walk around on the beach when the tide is low, if it is high you will have to find your way up over the headland on one of a number of paths. On a low spring tide you can walk all the way from Pobbles to Oxwich on the beach.


A good bathing beach at low tide but avoid swimming on the west of the beach as there are strong rips where the river meets the sea.


The best fishing marks are on the eastern cliff for bass, and on the east side of the bay there are usually plenty of flat fish to be had - dabs, sometimes plaice and sole. After dark is a good time to fish the beach, baiting with lugworm or ragworm on a two or three hook nylon trace for bass and the flat fish.


A relatively exposed beach break, best in N winds and swell direction from SW. Usually best coming up to, but not at, high tide. If you make the effort to come here you will probably move over to the west side of Three Cliffs where the surf is invariably better.

Surf Forecast

Surf Forecast

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