Rhossili Bay

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Rhossili Bay

Rhossili Bay

  • Car park – Yes (on headland)
  • Boat Launching – No
  • Public Transport – Yes
  • Wheelchair access – No
  • Toilets – Yes (bottom car park)
  • Shops/refreshments – Yes
  • Lifeguard (May-Sept) – No
  • Dogs – Allowed all year
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What’s it like?

Located at the westernmost exposed tip of the Gower Peninsula, this is one of the 'don’t miss' views in the area. The sweeping sandy bay stretches for over 4 miles to Llangenith and Burry Holms. Rhossili downs, rising to 633 feet at the highest point of Gower, frames the back of the bay and is a hugely popular spot with hang gliders, who you will often see in the sky above. On the southern side of the bay is the famous Worms Head promontory, thought to have derived its name from the Viking wurm, meaning ‘dragon’ and  probably one of the most photographed spots in the country - especially as the sun sets directly behind it.

Getting here is easy, as is parking, with a large pay at the gate clifftop carpark (20 minute drive from Parc-Le-Breos B&B), big enough for coaches to turn and park - just follow the A118 south Gower road to the village of Scurlage and turn right - it's well signposted. Rhossilli is a further 4 miles at the end of the road. There are a number of cafes, the Worms Head Hotel, and in the summer even a burger van. From the cliff top car park you can walk out along the cliffs to Worms Head. This path is nearly flat and suitable for less able bodied people to walk out to the coastguard station overlooking Worms Head. If you want to get out onto the head itself you need to plan your walk with the tide times to avoid getting stranded. If you do get stranded do not try to swim the causeway! In the recent past young fit competent swimmers have drowned trying to beat the tides here. To get down onto Rhossili beach itself, come out of the car park entrance and you will see the beach path - it starts at the corner of the Worms Head Hotel. It’s a good steep path (concreted most of the way) down to the beach but absolutely worth the trek. You can walk from here all the way to Llangenith if you like. Once down on the beach look for the wreck of the Norwegian barque the Helvetia, which was driven onto the beach in a gale in 1887.


A very popular water sports beach. Anything which involves catching a wave you will see getting carted down the steep beach path on someone’s shoulder! It is a safe beach for swimming except on big surf days when there can be an appreciable rip.


A beach caster's paradise which can yield great fish on the right day. A simple 2 hook rig dropped behind the breaking surf should find you flat fish (hooks below the weight), and bass (hooks above the weight). Use a long terminal hook trace if you are trying for brill and turbot as they like to see more movement. Lugworm and ragworm usually work well here, but also try razor clam and fish baits if fishing after dark.

Also good for fishing are the Rhossili ledges - situated on the cliff stretching between the beach and Worms Head are a series of flat rock platforms. They are a good mark throughout the summer months (and for that matter at other times of the year) and best of all they are very sheltered from easterly winds. Be careful tackling the paths down - they are steep and dangerous - best to visit with company just in case anything goes wrong.


Although Rhossili doesn’t catch as much swell as the Llangenith (north) end of the beach, the headlands do afford some shelter from the wind and the paddle out is easier. Rhossili is a good beach for beginners and lots of space mean that crowds are rarely a problem. There is usually a peak at all stages of the tide, throwing nice lefts and rights a little north of the beach path - easy to spot on your walk down. At certain tides there is also a peak near to the cliffs, with a left hand wave. Watch out for the remains of the Helvetia wreck in the surf at three quarters tide.

Surf Forecast

Surf Forecast

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