Whiteford Point

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Whiteford Point

  • Car park – No
  • Boat Launching – No
  • Public Transport – No
  • Wheelchair access – No
  • Toilets – No
  • Shops/refreshments – No
  • Lifeguard (May-Sept) – No
  • Dogs – Allowed all year

What’s it like?

You will love Whiteford. Just a 20 minute drive from Parc-Le-Breos, followed by a lovely walk, it is one of the quietest spots on the peninsula and a haven for wildlife. The whole area is a nature reserve with such contrasting environments that the sheer variety of flora and fauna is staggering - the early morning bird watching here is amazing. Whiteford also offers two miles of beautiful sandy beach which is rarely frequented by visitors, so you really can get away from it all down here.

Whiteford Burrows is a sand spit which stretches out into the Loughor estuary. At its core is glacial till which may be the remains of a terminal moraine which once stretched across the estuary during the last ice age. The name Whiteford is considered to derive from the Danish ‘Hvit-Fford’. Perhaps its most famous feature is its lighthouse, which is thought to be the only remaining major wave washed cast-iron lighthouse in the British Isles. It was built back in 1865 by the Llanelli Harbour and Burry Navigation Commissioners to mark the south side of the channel to the port of Llanelli, replacing an earlier wooden structure of 1854. The Whiteford lighthouse remained in use until 1933. Interestingly, Swansea harbour was the site of the very first cast iron lighthouse built in 1803 with the castings produced at the Neath Abbey works

When you get down to the dunes you will find signs warning of the presence of unexploded shells (this isn’t the reason Whiteford is so quiet!). The Burry estuary was used by the army as a firing range during World War II, it is very rare today for shells to be found,  but it still does happen occasionally after big storms move the sands.


A safe beach for bathing, but there can be a strong along-shore rip at certain states of tide.


Whiteford isn’t a great spot for fishing.


Not a good surf beach - waves usually close out when it does catch the swell.

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