Foraging & Cooking Courses

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Gower Foraging and Cooking Courses at Parc-Le-Breos

In the words of Matt Powell, “Everything we need is around us - We’ve just forgotten that it’s there.”

Matt is a first class chef who was classically trained, working for a time under Raymond Blanc. These days he spends as much time as possible pursuing his passion as a fanatical bass lure angler and forager. He has the knowledge and ability to open your eyes to the wide variety of fish, seaweeds, shellfish, hedgerow treats and woodland delicacies that are under your feet.

For a perfect finish to the day he will teach you how to cook a fantastic meal with the produce you have collected. Matt worked at some of the finest haute cuisine restaurants in the UK and Ireland and also elsewhere in Europe before returning to run his own restaurant, La Plie, in Southerndown. Please have a look at his own website to see the calibre of cuisine you can expect!

Many people attending Matt’s courses choose to base themselves at the Quabs log cabin. It is set in the woods looking over the trout ponds or to put it another way set right in the centre aisle of Matt's supermarket!  You are of course very welcome to add the foraging and cooking experience to any stay at Parc Le Breos.

What Matt offers:

Matt offers day or weekend foraging, bass angling, and cooking courses. While the seasons will dictate what edible treats are available at any given time, you can choose which of the disciplines you would like the emphasis on.

There is usually only time to follow one of the disciplines properly during a one day course so you can ether choose a day dedicated to learning the art of bass lure fishing or a day foraging followed by a brilliant yet informal lesson in the art of food preparation and cooking, after which Matt will leave you to enjoy a five star meal.

Matt’s foraging and cooking courses usually begin at around 10:30am (sometimes adjusted to catch low tides). Depending on what is in season, Matt will take you out to the best place to find your ingredients, whether that be the salt marshes, low tide beaches for razor clams, or hedgerows, woodlands and wide open moorlands for berries and wild mushrooms. The foraging is interspersed by some short breaks and a light lunch is provided.

When you return, Matt will teach you how to prepare your foraged fare and turn it into one of the most rewarding meals you have experienced. The meal will be 3 courses, and in addition, Matt always brings along other interesting foodstuffs  for you to try, especially dried or preserved items which are currently out of season.

By around 6pm Matt will leave you to enjoy your well deserved meal.


2 Adults £200

Additional adults £75 each.

Contact Matt for family and group rates.

Bass Lure Angling Courses – Gower

Matt has a passion for the European sea bass (Dicentrarchus labrax), and for its conservation and future of the species as a game fish in Wales and the UK.  As such, he practices a catch and release policy so if you are following the fishing session with a cooking course Matt (or yourself!) will catch a more sustainable fish species to prepare for dinner. As a fanatical fisherman Matt has many years experience under his belt and has painstakingly learned the best marks in the area.

Matt's courses will be tailored to your own abilities so if you’re a first time fisherman he will provide you with a grounding of knowledge and a simple day out lure fishing. For more experienced anglers he can teach you more about the way these fish hunt, where they hunt, what lures to use and when to use them, along with watercraft skills, tackle advice and baitfish behaviour. Whatever your skill level, a day with Matt will really help you on your way.

The season for bass lure angling is typically May to November. Courses take place either on the Gower peninsular or Pembrokeshire (weather depending).