Home Grown Produce

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Kitchen Garden

If it's in season, the chances are it hasn’t travelled far. Many of the dishes that we offer for our meals feature food that is homegrown at Parc-Le-Breos. What we don’t grow onsite we try to source from local farms and producers.

We always have a great crop of rhubarb through the summer along with hordes of apples, plums, gooseberries, red and black currants, figs, grapes, raspberries and more. Expect to see them at the breakfast table or dotted through the restaurant menu.

We also grow tomatoes, cucumbers, marrows and gourds, beetroot, a variety of lettuce and salad leaves, broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, kohlrabi, asparagus and dozens of herbs, amongst other goodies, and we’re constantly trying to figure out what to grow next.

Louise looks after the happy little honey bees on site which are pretty friendly, but if you do pass their hives be sure to leave them alone.

The photos of the produce below are all taken here at Parc-Le-Breos.


Local Suppliers

Aside from what we produce on site we look for the best ingredients with local suppliers and neighbouring farms.

Within our menus you will often find dishes that are local or old family recipes and we thoroughly recommend trying the local delicacies such as cockles, laverbread, and Welsh Cakes during your stay. We have a great wine list which often includes Welsh spirits and we stock a range of locally brewed beers such as the fabulous Gower Gold from the Gower Brewery.

We like to use as many local ingredients as possible and are proud to have built great relationships with a multitude of local suppliers, such as Swansea Fish, Gower Butchers, Welsh Brew Tea, Ferrari's Coffee, Snowdonia Cheese, Celtic Coast, Stoney Forge Dairy and many more.