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Gower Weather & Tidal Information

Gower is blessed with a mild climate moderated by the prevailing south-westerly winds off the Atlantic. Summer months can enjoy an average of  7.5 hours of daily sunshine while annual rainfall is around 1100mm. Extremes  of hot or cold are rare - We get only a average of 3.2 days per year when there is snow on the ground and the average temperature even in January is around 9 degrees!

Tidal Information:

The Gower Peninsula juts out into the Bristol Channel, a body of water with the second-highest tidal range in the world (the highest is North Eastern Canada the Bay of Fundy.) With extreme tides measuring over 49 feet (15m) recorded in Avonmouth, this huge tidal range is one of the factors which adds to the area's beauty. The low tides expose miles of golden sands while the high tides flood the estuaries and bays creating havens of sheltered water.

Although beautiful, the tides are always a consideration when planning walks and visits especially to Worms head, Rhossili. Always check the tide tables before you go, and never try to swim the causeway if you do get cut off.

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