Cefn Bryn, Long Oaks & Green Cwm Walk

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Cefn Bryn, Long Oaks & Green Cwm Walk – Gower

This lovely walk takes you around the old deer park, skirting its walls and exploring its woodlands and valleys before finding your way back up to the house from Green Cwm. Lots of different wildlife and habitats.

For those of you not staying with us you are welcome to use this walk but as there are no rights of way through the grounds, please see the note and the diversion map on the walks page to help you circumnavigate.

Distance covered: 4 miles
Average time: 1.75 hours
Terrain: Easy

Directions & Gallery

Directions from the B&B:

Walk out of the front door of the house and turn right, then across the grassy field until you reach the track at the far end. Follow the track passing the trout ponds on your right and valley gardens on your left. Immediately after this there is a crossroads – take the track straight on between the fields and through the woods.

At the end of the woodlands you will cross a stile next to a gate - here the main track will veer to the left but you need to take the small stony path which heads up the hill in a "2 o’clock" direction. (Do not take the path immediately on your right which follows the wood boundary.)

The stile you have just climbed over crosses the old deer park boundary wall which was constructed in the 13th century to enclose around 2000 acres of land for hunting deer. It can still be traced, all but unbroken to this day on the local OS map (see image). The original boundary would likely have been a wooden pail set atop an earthen bank flanked by a ditch. At some later date the structure was replaced with stone and hedges took hold over much of its length.

Following the parks foundation in the 1220s the area was reduced to approximately half when the eastern segment was converted into a manorial farm some time before 1337.


When you meet the un-surfaced road at the top of the rise follow it to the right - you will see Cefn Bryn (a name which translates to 'hill' or 'ridge') rising up in front of you.

Follow the road for about half a mile. You will pass the track which leads up the hill and the road will begin to drop downhill gently.

When you see a fork in the road in front of you, look to your right and you will find a kissing gate which you can cross back over the park boundary. A short footpath takes you to a wide forestry track which you can follow downhill for about a mile.

As you are walking down through the woods after about 300m from the stile, on your right you will see a track leading off into the woods. If your feeling inquisitive a quick stroll down here will take you to the reservoir which was built in the 1800s to supply the fields and farm buildings at Parc-Le-Breos with water. Large cast iron pipes also run from the reservoir down to the house where they used to run water turbines which in turn drove farm machinery.

Continue following the track downhill until you will arrive at an open valley stretching off to your left called Green Cwm, you will also see the old gamekeepers cottage on the opposite side of the valley. Turn right and follow the road down through Green Cwm, past Cat Hole Cave (on your left) and Giant's Grave burial chamber (on your right). When you reach the tarmac road at the end of the Cwm turn right and head back up to the house.