Green Cwm Walk

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Green Cwm and Giant’s Grave Walk

A lovely evening's walk within the woods and valleys of the old deer park. Lots of history and wildlife.

For those of you not staying with us - please park at and walk from Green Cwm car park.

Distance covered: 1 mile
Average time: 30 minutes
Terrain: Easy underfoot, suitable for push chairs and wheelchairs.

Directions & Gallery

Directions from the B&B:

Walk down the tarmac driveway from the house as if you are heading for Parkmill. Follow the drive down into the woods keeping your eyes pealed for the old lime kiln at the side of the first pull in.

When you reach the grassy valley of Green Cwm turn left pass through the kissing gate and follow the track until you see the Giant’s Grave on your left hand side.

Giant’s Grave is a Neolithic (4000-3000bc) tomb belonging to the so-called Severn-Cotswold group. The burial site was first located in 1869 when it was plundered for stone and re-excavated in 1960-61 by R J C Atkinson. Bone fragments belonging to 40 individuals have been recovered. All were adults except for three, also discovered were two rims of Neolithic pottery. Take a look at the rounded stones on the southern corner of the tomb, it is thought the stones were washed by a river which once ran along side the tomb but which has found its way underground into the limestone rocks below.

On the opposite side of the valley you will find a beautifully restored lime kiln and a little further up the valley (approx 150yds) on the right hand side a path will take you up the valley side to Cat Hole cave.

In 1968 excavations of this cave yielded flint blades suggesting occupation during the last ice age, while human remains indicated use later in Mesolithic times and the bronze age. More recently in 2010 archaeologist Dr George Nash discovered at the rear of the cave rock art which  has since been proven to be over 14000 years old making it the oldest cave art in Britain if not in western Europe. For more information on the Cathole cave rock art Gower please follow the link.

Now a word of warning, you may wish to start your walk back before the night falls because many of the locals believe that the valley is haunted! My father used to say that when we used to graze our horses in the valley you would not find a single one of them still on the flat valley floor much after dusk - they would all move up into the trees where there is no grazing. He first heard the stories from an old lady whose family had taken up residence in Parc-Le-Breos House while it lay empty and in disrepair in the early fifties. Personally I have walked through the Cwm many times after dark and apart my imagination running away with me once or twice I disappointingly haven’t witnessed anything supernatural!